Collecting Coasts

A collection of words are scattered throughout my social media, the notes app on my phone, and on scrap pieces of paper I take from my scrub pockets at the end of a twelve-hour night shift at the hospital. This page is, at the very least, a way to organize and make sense of this scattering of thoughts, feelings, and ideas. This page is, at the very least, a collection of the people, places, and faces that I’ve had the opportunity to come across. This page is, at the very least, a mere fragment of a thumbprint I’ll leave with words that blend into the background of writers more brilliant and prolific.

I wrote somewhere that I traded in one landscape for another, the coast of a desert lake, waves crashing against hard rocks and cacti for the coast of blue waters and sandy beaches, palm fronds and hurricanes. I’ve made my way along shorelines of black sands, graffitied seawalls, and unforgiving oceans. I find my peace on coasts, so I’m spending this part of my life collecting them. These pages and the words within them are reflections of the places and people I come across along the way.


sara elisabeth