Imposing green sepulchers from another planet scratch the backs of white clouds that look like rabbits and dragons and turtles driving motorbikes as they take shape and drift along the blue sea above messy heads. Booted feet crunch on fresh snow mixed with red dirt and I dance and laugh and scoop up a handful… Continue reading Saguaro


I miss my porcelain tub with the claw feet that stood on the black and white checkered floor. That bathroom was a glorified closet and the toilet required courtesy flushes for its century-old system, but every tub I’ve sunk my sore body into since then doesn’t sound the same when I pull my head and… Continue reading Bath


I could swallow this city whole, brambles and weeds and prickly pears and tarantulas and hawks and wild mushrooms and plums and apples and rosehips and all. And I miss you. I could wash it down with the cool water cascading over graffitied rocks melted from mountain run offs that erodes these cliffs we’d walk… Continue reading Charmolypi